Katarína Ševčíková is a sought after harp player who amazes listeners with her superb playing of this royal instrument, not only here but in numerous other countries where she still performs, including Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Scandinavia. She is devoted above all to solo playing and concert performances. In these concerts she interprets pieces by harp composers of classic music from varied eras and music of differing styles and genres. A charming and talented wonam with a smile on her face, a royal instrument and 47 angelic resounded strings. This is only one part of this lady. Her gentle face, her shell hides an enourmous inner power, sedulity, diligence and determination. This royal instrument has become her destiny several years ago.

BIOGRAPHY She was born in Slovakia to a family that had a deep music tradition.
Her devotion to music was inherited from her father, just as her brother Martin Sevcik, one of Europe’s most important and talented jazz musician, was.
She began playing piano at the age of five and a few years later also began taking lessons on the harp. After completing primary school, she was accepted
by the Conservatory in Žilina where she studied the harp under the tutelage
f Professor T. Kováč. She successfully completed this study in 1998
with a graduation concert playing G. F. Handel’s ‘Concert for harp and orchestra in B Maj’ accompanied by the State Chamber Orchestra in Žilina.
Since 1999 she has lived in the Czech Republic in the beautiful
spa town of Mariánské Lázně.
She plays a renowned Italian Salvi harp.


"Who would like to understand music doesn´t need the sense of hearing,
but the heart."

The real and strong love to music is something that cannot be learnt or bought.
It´s a gift which even if it´s endowed, it has to be worked out to reach the target.
A person has to go through the years of diligent work, which hide long hours of rehearsing
and a big stamina. Without these personality traits it would be impossible.
It is said that a mirror helps us to see our face, but thanks to art we can see our soul. I´m very pleased to be so lucky that I soon found myself in my profession. I can´t imagine my life without it. The things are sometimes not easy in our lifes and my primary aim is to spread joy, happiness
and caress the souls even in the days of sadness.

With love Katarína.