Katarína Ševčíková HARP

“To send light into the darkness of men’s hearts
– such is the duty of the artist.”

Dear friends and supporters of the Royal Instrument concert,

Harp an instrument of exceptional tone and shape along with the human voice, the magic sound of the viola creates
a connection that will not disappoint even the most demanding listeners. I will be honoured to perform
for you and to caress your soul, and enhance you festive gala evening with a colourful repertoire, take you into
the world of dreams and accompany your wedding ceremony with the tones of the harp. Duo Harp and violin or Harp with
singing will delight and stir human souls of all ages. Thepair of soloists together
interprets music of various styles, genres and periods.

Eva Mokrá / viola
Katarína Ševčíková / harp
Valentýna Mužíková / voice


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Video / harp and viola

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Video / harp and voice

The royal harp with the tone of Katarína Ševčíková and the magical sound of Eva Mokrá viola, or the harp duet with
the beautiful human voice of Valentína Mužíková create a connection that will surely caress your soul with beauty.
We can make your festive moments pleasant, open your special events, gala evenings with great refinement.
We will be pleased to bring you to the world of dreams and accompany you on your big wedding day.

Charming and talented musicians will not disappoint even demanding listeners. They have had dozens of performances and concerts
all over the Czech Republic and abroad. Together they interpret music of various styles, genres and periods such as
classical music and music cinematic, popular songs and ballads, Irish, Scottish and Oriental melodies.
Thank you for your favour and trust and we will look forward to a personal meeting.


Repertoir / harp and voice
Repertoir / harp and viola

“As long as we live, there is never enough singing.”